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The Dangers of CryptoLocker

If there’s one thing that should be at the top of a list of requirements to run a successful business, it should be a strong security system. This should not only include a system that protects the physical components of your business, but the technological portion as well. This includes your computers, servers, and other information technology devices. Every day, new threats are lurking on the internet that attempt to break into your system and manipulate your data. One of the most detrimental threats present on the internet today is known as ransomware. The objective of ransomware is to encrypt
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New Office 365 E5 license is a game-changer for business

  Microsoft Office has become a powerful tool since its inception. Today, most businesses have some version of Microsoft Office on their computers to create documents, reports, presentations, and more. In 2011, Microsoft Office released Office 365, a powerful tool that provides access to all Office applications from any location through the internet. In addition, you can download the Office applications associated with your license on your computer as part of your subscription. Recently, Microsoft released its newest Office 365 license to purchase called the E5 license. Before the E5, there was the E1 and the E3. The E5 license
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Basic Email Security

In today’s ever changing technological landscape, cyber security is becoming exponentially paramount to a business’ success. Many companies who have suffered from security breaches had state of the art anti-virus software, a strong backup cloud system, and secure credentials for each machine in the office. However, none of these protection tools remain relevant without protecting the number one component of your office: your communication systems!
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