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It’s what you do with the IT metrics that matters

  Companies are increasingly focusing on capturing IT metrics as they become more dependent technology as a core part of their business. Digital transformation does not happen on its own. A recent article on highlights 12 critical metrics for IT success. These include incident tracking, SLAs, project delivery, and even employee attrition. These are all good metrics to track so you can stay on top of the trends, improve your IT delivery and strive to meet the goals you set. At NG2, we also track key metrics which include important items like: First contact resolution Average time per ticket
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Did you know that 27% of your employees are putting your company at risk?

  You are continuously focusing on security – you probably have spam filters, firewall, antivirus software, and password policies in place.  But today, that does not take it far enough.   Hackers are using social engineering to come through your employees which are your last line of defense. Social Engineering is the art of manipulating, influencing, or deceiving you in order to gain control over your computer system in which phishing is an example.     Phishing schemes are still one of the most serious threats to companies. According to the FBI, companies lost $676 million in 2017 due to
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