Monthly Archives June 2019

Cyber Breaches

Unfortunately, the cyber breaches just keep coming…. It seems like it’s now a daily occurrence. Every time I read a technology or business journal/website, I hear about the latest cyber breach. Here are three recent ones that caught my eye over the past month: Hotel chain breach – Unsecured database exposes 85GB in security logs of major hotel chains. The unsecured database exposes a vast array of sensitive data belonging to the security systems of a range of hotel properties including Marriott locations. Breach at US Customs – Traveler images were taken in cyberattack of US Customs and Border Protection.
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Office 365 Data Back Ups

Does my Office 365 data get backed up? Well, kinda. As we have discussed in previous blog posts, cloud-based solutions from Microsoft are excellent tools to help enable collaboration. SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Teams provide the low-cost way for your team to share information and data easily. Data and Backups Just like with any other technology solution you use, data is the core of the power. Without the data you require, the benefit of these tools diminishes. To that point, ensuring you have the right data backups is important to your business in case of downtime, access issues or other
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