IT Hiring Challenge vs. Infrastructure Upgrade Priority

Keeping infrastructure up to date is a top concern in 2019. But 65% of CIOs have said that the lack of IT talent is holding their organization back. Sounds like a conundrum.

In doing some planning for 2019, I recently read an interesting Spiceworks study on 2019 IT careers. The organization surveyed 1,000 tech professionals in businesses across North America and Europe and they found some intriguing results.

In the study, some of the biggest IT challenges companies expect to face in 2019 are:

  • Keeping IT infrastructure up to date (48% of respondents)
  • Replacing outdated software/operating systems (42%).
  • Following security best-practices (29%)
  • Managing IT help desk issues (26%)

The study also notes that it makes sense that keeping IT infrastructure updated is the top challenge in 2019 since most organizations plan to refresh aging infrastructure during the year.

On top of that, companies of all sizes are seeking to hire additional IT security/cybersecurity skills next year. And smaller companies are prioritizing hiring IT specialists with end user hardware and infrastructure expertise.

At the same time, 65% of CIOs said that the lack of IT talent is holding their organization back according to a 2018 KPMG study of 3,000 technology leaders. At the same time, 46% use outsourcing to access skills that are limited or challenging to hire.

So there lies the conundrum. How will companies increase focus on refreshing infrastructure, upgrading software and strengthening cybersecurity with the current hiring challenge?

In talking with many small to mid-sized companies, it is becoming a challenge to appropriately staff up IT departments to meet the demands of the company. This is exactly why managed services companies like NG2 exist. And why we continually say let us help you focus on your business by leveraging the IT services and resources to make sure your infrastructure is solid, updated and secure.

The best way to start thinking about leveraging managed services to augment your team, is to identify an IT need within your organization that requires attention but is not staffed to address in the near term. That may be help desk support, security awareness and training, or building a test environment.

If you would like to discuss more about your challenges in 2019 and how to best address them, contact me and we can review.


Dan Grady (here’s my LinkedIn)
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