New Office 365 E5 license is a game-changer for business


Microsoft Office has become a powerful tool since its inception. Today, most businesses have some version of Microsoft Office on their computers to create documents, reports, presentations, and more. In 2011, Microsoft Office released Office 365, a powerful tool that provides access to all Office applications from any location through the internet. In addition, you can download the Office applications associated with your license on your computer as part of your subscription.

Recently, Microsoft released its newest Office 365 license to purchase called the E5 license. Before the E5, there was the E1 and the E3. The E5 license provides the same functionality as the previous licenses, however there are some new features that are included in the newest license that make it stand out from the rest.

One of the newest features integrated into the E5 package is enhanced reporting tools. Delve provides information for end users about other users, as well as the location of documents within Sharepoint sites or One Drive for Business. Power BI was another tool added to the analytical report features in Office 365. Power BI essentially provides technical information to end users so that they can create reports on the data they find relevant. This tool opens the door to more interactive reports, guaranteed to make your reports stand out from the rest.

In addition to analytics tools, the E5 license provides additional security for your data. The enhanced security protects end users from malware and other viruses that may come through your messaging systems. This is important because as more cases of ransomware, such as cryptolocker, appear from clicking infected messages, the enhanced security will help in preventing more cases to develop within your business.