What drives the decision of Office 365 vs Microsoft 365?


You are faced with technology decisions daily — security, productivity, financial applications and more. As you look to deploy or upgrade your Microsoft productivity suite, you are hit with the decision of Office 365 vs Microsoft 365. First thing is to understand is the difference.

Simply put — if you purchase the suite of Microsoft 365, it includes the Office 365 suite plus Windows 10
operating system and Enterprise Mobility+Security. Enterprise Mobility + Security suite gives you tools like identity management and mobile device management.

Some of the considerations as you evaluate which direction is right for your business:


1) Migration Path and Costs

Microsoft is focusing its upgrade path toward Microsoft 365 which will make the upgrade and add-on process more efficient. Also, if you were to purchase these products independently, it would be more expensive than purchasing Microsoft 365.

Of course, if you absolutely don’t need to added capabilities of Microsoft 365, save the money. But I believe the majority of small or medium-sized businesses would benefit from the added productivity and security.


2) Security vs Usability

Security is getting more and more focus as our recent Phishing White Paper highlights. For good reason.
Security breaches can cause financial and intellectual property losses that can cause serious damage to your business.

But is there a point where you have made your environment so secure that it is reducing productivity? A recent CSO Online article Security versus usability a conundrum in modern identity management? focused on this topic. One key consideration is the critical features that Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security provides. One example is the ability to limit sharing, emailing, copying and printing of corporate sensitive documents.

It’s a balancing act for sure. And with the Office 365 / Microsoft 365 decision, this question definitely needs to be answered which bleeds into the next topic.


3) Deployment and Management Resources

Another decision is whether you have the right resources to deploy and manage the environment. For example, consider data logging and data protection. You or your IT service provider not only need to plan and implement data logging, but also need to know how to easily act on the audit logs. If you can’t access or analyze the data, why log any data in the first place?

Every company is different. NG2 takes these considerations into account as we design, deploy and manage Office / Microsoft 365 environments. If you would like to discuss these topics as you consider your plans, please contact me.

Dan Grady (here’s my LinkedIn)
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