Three Things to Know about Phishing Attacks to Reduce Risk

27% of employees are vulnerable to attacks which have led to losses that will surpass $9B in 2018. And phishing schemes are increasing by 46%. This white paper focuses on understanding phishing approaches, how your employees are putting you at risk and how to prevent phishing schemes that impact your business.

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Protect your company

Cybercriminals are stepping up their game. This means that your organization needs to step up to protect your employees and your company from phishing scheme risk.

Understand phishing approaches

Understand the latest in phishing attacks including different types of schemes and the latest trends.

Learn how employees are putting you at risk

Learn how including a recent FBI warning that cybercriminals are using phishing emails to steal log-in credentials for online payroll accounts.

Reduce your phishing risk

Plan a multi-step prevention program to educate, engage, test and analyze results to reduce risk across your company.

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By the Numbers


Employees are phish prone before an awareness and testing program

$9 Billion

Global losses from email schemes in 2018


The increase of phishing attacks and methods used in Q1 2018 over Q4 2017

How NG2 Helps

NG2 is a Minneapolis-based managed services provider that offers fast response and quick solutions to your everyday information technology needs. At NG2, we are passionate about solving IT problems for our members and their end users. NG2 offers managed IT services that solve the pain points of your business including a range of services to help decrease the risk of employees being impacted by phishing scams.

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