Managed Services

What Are Managed IT Services?

“Managed services” is more than a buzzword for IT support. At their core, managed services allow a business to offload IT operations onto a trusted service partner known as a Managed Service Provider (or MSP for short).

As businesses scale their operations, they often run into roadblocks with their IT infrastructure. Because they are in a growth phase, they’re unable to dedicate the time and resources needed to scale their IT department with their growing needs. That’s where NG2 comes in.

Proactive Solutions

By placing our experts in your office on a regular basis, NG2 has the opportunity to learn the specific challenges and opportunities you face every day. Using our experts’ knowledge of industry best-practices, we are able to quickly identify areas for improvement and offer proactive solutions to help build your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

As improvements and solutions are deployed within your system, our on-site staff works with our documentation specialist to ensure that workflows are captured. This allows us to create predictable, repeatable processes that can be utilized again for future solutions.

NG2 IT Services & Solutions

NG2 excels in providing custom IT solutions to reduce system downtime, freeing up more time for you to focus on what matters most: running your business.

NG2 provides on-site IT management services that keep your network and IT infrastructure operating at optimum health.

That said, not all problems can be solved over the phone or through remote access. That’s why we offer deskside services to handle the face-to-face needs of your office such as hardware functionality issues, questions, and troubleshooting.

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