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System Outage = Lost Productivity & Revenue

It’s easy to take your systems for granted when they’re running smoothly, but what happens when there is a system outage that disables the tools your employees use everyday? Imagine what would happen if your email server, CRM system, or ERP application went down for several hours. You’d likely face substantial productivity and revenue losses.

However, we offer ways to help.

What Do We Provide?

Reducing system downtime is one of the easiest ways to improve productivity and avoid excess costs in your organization.

ROI benefits of managed IT services from NG2 include:

  • Time Saved
    • Reduced duration & number of Help Desk calls
  • Lower Costs for:
    • Ongoing staff training & development
    • Staff/department expansion
    • Continuous maintenance
  • Non-Financial Benefits
    • Increased end user satisfaction with service and support
    • Simpler usability leading to increased sales
    • Automated business processes
    • Improved analytics and data input accuracy
    • Improved software vendor support and service
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Comprehensive and enterprise-grace cyber security at a price that is accessible to small and medium sized businesses.  We work with Ostra to bring industry leading technologies that provide integrated prevention, detection and quarantine based upon threat behavioral characteristics and artificial intelligence to stop threats before they reach your environment.

  • The Ostra solution is designed for complete end-to-end protection and is configured to meet your business needs.
  • The integrated solution provides consistent operation with no user interruption or impact to system performance.
  • The solution components (e.g., end point protection and firewall) work together to provide the same level of cyber security protection that Fortune 100 companies have; without interrupting or impacting your business operations.
Service Offering Components

Endpoint & Email

Multi-level defense that includes signature-based, and behavioral based engines and intelligence-based indicators of compromise. FireEye Email Security is the first secure email gateway to observe and block new tactics learned from frontline investigations and observations of adversaries.

Firewall & VPN

Palo Alto Networks®  next-generation firewalls detect known and unknown threats, including in encrypted traffic. That means they reduce risks and prevent a broad range of attacks.

FireEye Helix SEIM, Splunk

Integrates security tools and augments with next-generation SEIM, orchestration and threat intelligence capabilities.

Cloud Security

Proven cloud security platform that is data-centric, cloud-smart, and as fast as your business. Real-time, cloud-native security, without the traditional performance trade-off.

Mobile Device Management (MDM), Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

An intelligent security suite for that supports granular management capabilities over every aspect of device management.

Security Risk Assessment with CICS

NG2 has partnered with a team of cybersecurity professionals, CICS, to provide professional services in cybersecurity for our customers. CICS employs U.S. military veterans who are among the world’s best in cybersecurity to harden the security of organization’s networks, data, and procedures.

CICS works alongside NG2 to assess your organization’s cybersecurity posture, uncover the weak areas, and eliminate vulnerabilities.

  • System Auditing
    • Identify unknown areas of risk to your organization’s people, processes, and technology.
  • Penetration Testing
    • Test your network defenses against real-world scenarios and attacks.
  • Compliance Assessments
    • Security compliance scanning for PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and HITECH.
  • Remediation
    • Implementation of System Audit/Compliance Assessment Results to eliminate vulnerabilities
    • Security Policies and Procedures creation
NG2 begins the process with a holistic security assesment
NG2 trains through Security Awareness Training with KnowBe4
Security Awareness Training with KnowBe4

Most ransomware and viruses get in to your network via email – phishing emails disguise themselves as legitimate emails to trick your employees into clicking on malicious links or attachments.

Reduce your organization’s exposure to these threats by training the employees via online courses through KnowBe4 that simulate phishing attacks. The average organization has an 18% click rate, but after taking the 45-minute security awareness course the average click rate drops to 3%!

  • Baseline testing
    • Phish your users and see how likely they are to click on a malicious link
  • Train your employees
    • Interactive online training modules and automated training campaigns
  • Phish your employees
    • Fully automated simulated phishing attacks to keep your users on their toes
  • See the results
    • Enterprise level reporting shows improvements

Webinar: Data Protection and Remote Workers

Although 2020 is definitely a unique year, trends are showing that remote workers will not be. How do you make sure you data is protected for all your team members including remote workers. Remote work brings its own unique set of cybersecurity challenges that need more and more attention going forward.

Learn More by Watching Our Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Data Protection and Remote Workers

During this webinar, you will learn the latest to begin to take data protection to the next level for your remote workers.

Endpoint control and mobile working

Virus, malware and phishing

Data accessibility considerations

Cybersecurity planning

Best practices for remote employees

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