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Hearing Components, Oakdale, MN

A 3M spin-off, Hearing Components ( is a R&D oriented company that manufactures innovative foam products that dramatically improve the physical connection between personal audio devices and ears. They are active in the Audiology, Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Military, and General Aviation markets.

The Challenge

Hearing Components is a rapidly growing manufacturer that had outgrown their current IT systems and provider. Several of their systems were outdated and couldn’t keep up with the growth of the business. The company had outgrown their space and was going to move the office away from the manufacturing space and needed their systems redesigned to accommodate remote workforce. They also needed a new phone system.

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The Solution

NG2 performed an IT assessment to determine the architecture going forward. Since the client needed a new phone system and were several versions behind on their email server, NG2 recommended Office 365 E5. NG2 upgraded an on-premise server which handles Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access applications at the remote site. Long term plans include moving Microsoft Dynamics to the cloud, Azure Active Directory, Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery and moving file sharing to the cloud. NG2 also provides Service Desk, Managed Endpoint and Managed Services to proactively manage all their technology.

The Result

Hearing Components has implemented several systems that are current and up-to-date that leverages the cloud. Since they fully managed by NG2’s technical team, the customer experiences less reactive support and has an IT roadmap for where they are going. Customer satisfaction has improved too despite all the new technology they are growing accustomed to using.

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