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Learn about how NG2 help Nystrom in our case study.

Nystrom Building Products, Minneapolis, MN

Nystrom offers a broad line of specialty building products to better serve construction professionals and architects. They have customer focused professionals and hassle-free processes that directly serve and simplify the building process.

The Challenge

Nystrom Building Products used to manage their IT systems with one internal IT employee. That person was responsible for doing everything from IT planning, budgeting, purchasing, implementing a variety of technologies as well as being responsive to end user requests for help. Supporting the IT systems with one person was very challenging. It is a lose lose proposition (bad for the company and the employee.)

  • Projects took too long to complete. It was very hard to focus on one project when the IT manager was constantly interrupted by everyone in the company for support.
  • IT support
  • No time to learn and stay current. Because the person was so busy handling the day to day stuff, there was not time to learn the new technology. The IT manager felt their skills were diminishing.
  • There was no one to bounce ideas off or share the workload when things got busy.
  • Quality of life for the IT manager suffered when they could never go on vacation without being contacted for issues.
Managed IT Services require a robust team to prevent burnout and find solutions
NG2 used Google Analytics and IT

The Solution

NG2 starting working with Nystrom on a part time basis for project work helping to reduce the backlog of projects. We also installed our monitoring agents on their systems and began proactively managing their environment thus reducing the amount of time spent reacting to issues. As a team, NG2 began assessing the environment and making recommendations that advanced the state of technology at Nystrom. Finally, NG2’s Service Desk was the single point of contact for the end users all IT related issues.

The Result

Nystrom’s IT infrastructure is in a much better place today. NG2 has implemented several technologies that advanced the business and keep the company moving forward. The environment is less reactive since NG2 proactively keeps systems updated and secure.

NG2 has implemented several Managed IT technologies for Construction that advanced the business and keep the company moving forward.

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